Squadosie English is a language proposed to be used in Squadosia

Spelling Rules

  • Every instance of the "I" sound becomes "Ei" unless it is the word "I" (e.g. Finite becomes Feineite)
  • Every instance of the "æ" sound becomes "æ" (eg Famous becomes Fæmous)
  • Every instance of the short "ah" sound becomes "a" (Fuss becomes Fass)
  • Every instance of the long "ah" sound becomes "ã" (Fast becomes Fãst)
  • Every instance of the "a" sound (imagine cat) becomes "ę" (Anne becomes Ęnne)
  • Any silent "E"s are removed (Face becomes Fæc)
  • Unless followed by a "t", any instance of the sound "s" becomes "ß" (Bass becomes Bæß)
  • The sound "sh" becomes "sch" (Shush becomes schusch)
  • "Ee" sounds become "i" (Beef becomes bif)
  • The "i" sound (imagine mint) becomes î (Bin becomes bîn)
  • "Eh" sounds (imagine dent) becomes "e" (Fez doesn't change)
  • "oa" sounds (imagine boat) becomes œ (Boat becomes Bœt)
  • "Oh" sounds become "o" (Roll stays the same)
  • "Oo" sounds (Think do) become "U" (Doodle becomes Dudl)
  • "ü" sounds (like Book) become ü (Hook becomes Hük)
  • "Z" sounds become "Z" (Dudes becomes Dudz)
  • "J" sounds become "J" (Dew becomes Ju)
  • "Gh"s are removed and replaced with the appropriate letter(s) (Rough becomes Raf)
  • "Ow" sounds become "Ow" (Pow stays the same)
  • "K" sounds become "k" (Come becomes Kam)
  • "Y" sounds (Like yes, or Jalapeño)


Normal English ßquadœschi Inglîsch
Friend Frend
Rollerblades Rollrblædz
Potato Pœtætœ
I am hungry I ęm hangri
Run, it's Godzilla! Ran, ît'ß Godzîlla!
It looks like Godzilla ît lükß leik Godzîlla
But due to international copyright laws Bat ju Tu întrnęschonol copireit los
It is not. ît îz not
Still, we should run like it is Godzilla Stîll, wi shüld ran leik ît îs Godzîlla
Though it isnt Thœ ît îznt
Sorry for the Austin Powers reference Sorri for the Ostîn Powrz refrenß
This is horrible Thîß îz horrîbl

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