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Republic of St.John is a micronation located in Southeast Asia and Indian Ocean. St.John declared its independence on 20 December 2013.


St.John located in Southeast Asia and Indian Ocean. The highest point of St.John is on Klabat Province about five hundred meters from the sea surface.


St. John located near equator line, St. John is a tropical nation. The lowest temperature on St. John is 28 degrees Celsius, while the highest temperature on St.John is 40 degrees Celsius.


St.John had 8 provinces located in different island, While some provinces located in the same island, here's the list of provinces of St.John:

  • Vredesstad
  • South St.John
  • Southeast St.John
  • Kolongan
  • Sentul
  • Brony
  • Klabat
  • West Klabat

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