Languages spoken Cockatielian English
Date founded June 2, 2012
Population 3 registered population
Demonym Catawbian
Governor Anthony Smith (FCP)

Catawba is one of four states of the Cockatiel Empire. The state capital is Cockatielville. It is the most populated state in the Cockatiel Empire and about equal in size with the State of Vice. The Western part of Cockatielville was once part of the State of Kennedy but since the borders changed on December 29, 2013, All of Cockatielville is now part of Catawba. Much like other states (with the exception of the State of Seminole) Catawba has a fair mixture of Cities, towns and countryside within its borders. The biggest cities are Cockatielville and Indian Spring.


The Official seal of Catawba. The 1969 Pontiac GTO is on the seal because it shows the President's interest in cars.

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