State of Moravia
Stát Morava
Coat of Arms

Moravian: Lepší módrosť nad silu
English: Better wisdom than power!
Jsem Moravan
Location of the State of Moravia
Location of Moravia in Europe
Capital city Olomouc
Largest city Brno
Official language(s) Moravian
Official religion(s) sunni islam, orthodox christians, unofficial catholics
Demonym Moravian
Government Socialistic Monarchy
- King František Selim I.
- premier Karl Friedrich
- Prince Venceslau I
Legislature National assembly
Area claimed 26 801 km2 (approx.)
Population citizenship 15, on territory 5000000
Time zone +1
National drink plum brandy
National animal lynx

State of Moravia, or simply Moravia was a democratic state in central Europe. State of Moravia had borders Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Czechia. On their territory is another Czech micronation, the Wallachian Kingdom , but Moravia doesn't acknowledge it. In august 2014 Moravia join as Moravian SSR to USSR.


State of Moravia was created as the Sultanate of Moravia on 1 May of 2011, as absolute monarchy headed by František Selim I.

In October 2012 changes were made. Was create Duma and in December was rename on State of Moravia. But time of reform was ending and in January 2013 there has been a renewal of the Sultanate of Morava. The second anniversary of the self-proclaimed sultan of Moravia make reforms. In October, the Sultanate again renamed the State Morava and the naming of him remained. Thanks to the Constitutional Law of the State of Moravia of 27 December 2013 was authorized creation of Parliament.

In March 2014, here were ballots. It win Communsts, but prime minister is Karl Friedrich.

In September 2014 must be new ballots, because government make new constitution.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Casus BelliEdit


Walachian kingdom

United federation Montecow


State of Moravia is member of Union of micronations of Central Europe.

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