The State of New Dekia is new but strong superpower. It games from the ashes of the old Dekia.


It was October 31st when it decided to begin. Max, the current Chancellor, decided micro-nationalism was great. He, the great leader, declared independence on Nov.1st.


"Capitalism is good, but it would be better to have a mixed or planned economy."-Max

The economy in New Dekia is a planned economy. It has a few aspects of free market though. Companies ask the government for approval. They take it in the council. Then, if approved, the governments help regulate prices. The distribution sometimes will be regulated by the government, but sometimes by the company.

The total amount of money is unknown.

Its main exports are strawberries and pottery.

Constitution/Bill of Rights

I 6 months terms, unlimited terms, 3 at one time

II Separation of Church and state is great

III Marriage is too religious, it should be called a civil union

IV You can have a civil union with up to 3 people

V Everyone deserves rights

VI Keep guns, keep gun control

Law and Order

The law is generally a use of fines, exile and prison time. Also the Chancellor is the main judge, and picks two people to help them.

Murder: Up to 30 years in prison

Terrorism without murder: Up to 10 years in prison, up to 3 years exile, and up to 1000$ USD fine.

Soft Drug Abuse: Up to 1 week in prison, or 5 days exile, and drug addiction centers.

Hard Drug Abuse: Up to 3 weeks in prison, or 2 weeks exile, drug addiction centers, and up to a 500$ USD fine.

Child Abuse: Up to 5 years in prison.

Graffiti: Up to 12 hours in prison, and up to 50$ Usd.

Petty Theft: Up to 100 prison, pay for the item, 2 day exile.

Grand Theft: Up to 2 years prison, pay for the item, 7 day exile.

Stealing government property: Up to a 100 day exile, up to a 1000$ usd fine.



The food is generally European and American. Also Mexican food is eaten.


Clothing is generally American-Like.


There is no official religion in New Dekia. The current Chancellor, is an atheist. "Religion can be a good thing. It is important to a lot of people, and no one has the right to tell someone to stop believing in their religion." - Max. The different religions are unknown.


There is a 27th Letter. Zh, and it is pronounced Csh. Normally, people speak English.


Zhee = And

Zhaah = Tall

Zhaaug = Dug

Zheeg = Dig

Zhaoat = Coat

Zhaaket = Jacket


The main sports in New Dekia is bottle flipping, e sports, and gridiron.


In New Dekia, the government is a multi-party system. Each Chancellor election is from 2-6 months. The Chancellor is the head of the Supreme Court, but if they are unable to, then they pick a Representative.

List of Parties and Ideologies:

Republican Party: Left-Wing

Democratic Party: Right-Wing

Libertarian Party: Libertarianism,Center

Mixed Views Party: Neoliberalism, Left wing, right wing, liberal conservative

Royal Left Party: Monarchy, left wing

Royal Right Party: Monarchy, Neoliberalism, Right wing

Principality Party: Principality, either wing

Maoist Party: Maoism, Communism

Anarchist Party: Pro-Anarchy

Currently, the election is between Max W, and Elijah M. Max W is in the Republican Party, and Elijah is in the Mixed Views. Currently, there are two council members, Elijah, and Rachele.


New Dekia recognizes all micro nations. It recognizes all countries.

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