State of Squadosia
Squadosian Flag

"Pacem et concordiam ignem accende"(Latin; Light the flames of peace and unite)
"The Flames of Peace", composed by Prime Minister Solsta
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Official language(s) English, Japanese, Squadosie English
Official religion(s) Christian, Atheism
Short name Squadosia
Demonym Squadosie
Government Democracy with permanent leader
- Prime Minister Solsta (Real names are not used)
Established December 20th, 2015
Area claimed Unmeasured
Population 5
Currency Australian Dollar
Time zone AEDT(UTC+ 11:00)/AEST(UTC+ 10:00)
National animal Eclectus Parrot
Internet Domain (Proposed) .sqa
This micronation was made purely for fun, and is in no way attempting to actually become a recognised nation

Squadosia (skwʌdœʃʌ / skwʌdœsjʌ), officially the State of Squadosia, is a micronation in the south-east of Australia. It claimed sovereignty on 20th December 2015. It is yet to be declared independent.