The Empire of Stenall commonly known as Stenall is a micronation which claims 2 houses in North Dorset, England and 1 house in South Wiltshire. Since 2018, Stenall has been occupied by an estimate of 8 people, 4 cats and 3 dogs living there. It is a part of The “Playground” nations


Stenall declared independence on the night of 28 October 2018. And created its monarchy. A day later Max, was crowned king.

On the 29th, Stenall joined the PaLsian Union. Bringing the land more power and the nation more recognition.

After that on the 2nd December 2018, Stenall created the colony Stenallian Milldown,


Unlike many other nations, Stenall only has coins. There are Walleons and you have 100 walleons to make a Wathelof