The Stretched English Language is a variant of American English and is the official language of the Kingdom of Stretch.


There are only two difference in pronunciation: All vowels are held longer, and the P sound becomes the B sound. Other than that, Eveything is Spelling.

In Writing:

  • There are no Double-Consonants other than in names and in the word Rubber (Filler becomes Filer)
  • There are no silent letters (Thought Becomes Thout)
  • The QU sound becomes KU (Aqua to Akua)
  • The Z sound becomes S. (Zest to Sest)
  • The J sound becomes G. (Jug to Gug)
  • The Soft C becomes S (Slice to Slise)
  • Hard C and CK becomes K (Hacker becomes Haker)
  • The X sound becomes KS (Axe to Akse)
  • The P sound becomes the B sound. (Pig becomes Big and sounds like Big)
  • The EE sound becomes y (Meat becomes Myt)
  • The i sound with a Y becomes i (Cry to Cri)

There are other words which are changed. For Example, Enough becomes Ynouf. "The" is always pronounced "thee", which becomes Thy.


American English Stretched English
Pop Quiz Bob Kuis
Aquamarine Akuamaryne
Jeep Gyb
Try to catch me. Tri to katch my.
I'm still alive. I'm stil alive.
Mix Juice with Coke. Miks Guise with Koke.
The time has come. Thy time has kome.
Helium Balloon Hylyum Balloon
Enough is enough Ynouf is Ynouf.
Citsale (Capital of Stretch) Sitsale
Pep Talk Beb Tak
Government Government
The Price is Right Thy Brise is Rit.
Declare Independence Dyklare independense
Myself Miself

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