The Stuartland Dollar is a currency currently

in offical designing only one design for each banknote which by the end the denominations

will be in 1's 2's 5's 10's 20's 50's 100's and finally

200's each will go by age of the person on the banknotes and people will do stuff like it depends by price if it is for example shhhhh for 1 minute for kids it will be $50 Dollars but if they are a teenager then it brings it down to 20 and for people 18 and over then $10 Dollars but if they say stay still then $100 Dollars for kids then 50 for teenagers 20 for adults but if the parents say GO OUTSIDE YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! Then it only complys with kids and teenager which means $200 Dollars for kids and $100 Dollars for teenagers but something that includes the adults kids and teenagers is GEEZ CAN YOU JUST STOP WATCHING ON THE TV OR YOUTUBE FOR AM MINUTE for kids it is $200 Dollars teenagers $100 Dollars and for adults they can pick either $50 $100 and $200 and this is the amount but little things like being nice brings you at a choice of what denomination of up to $10 Dollars for kids teens and adults or going to bed at the right time but there is 2 Tax systems GST or Goods and Services Tax and at 1% which means if you have 1 dollar spent on something $1 goes straight to the Stuartland government because we have no coins for cents income Tax means if you get $10 into your money box and if you have $1000 Stuartland Dollars then 100 Dollars go away...

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