Serbian: Subenija

Vostani Serbie (Arise, Serbia)
Location: Dustin Island, Antarctica
Official language(s) Serbian, English
Demonym Subenian
Government Constitutional republican democracy
- Vice President Stefan Isakov
- President Edward Jacobs
- Country Codes SUB (trigram),
Area claimed 285.6 sq. km (110.3 sq. mi.)
Time zone CET (UTC+1); Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
National animal Imperial Eagle

Official Website(OLD) NEW website

Subenia was an Antarctic island-micronation located on Dustin Island.


The name Subenia (Subenija in Serbian) comes from the Greek word soubenoi, which means "the Slavs" (this was the first attested name for the Slavs in a historic document) and the Latin suffix -ia, which means "the land of". Translated to English, the country's name means "the land of the Slavs".


Dustin Island is, together with Marie Byrd Land, part of the largest unclaimed territory on Earth. Realising the fact that he will not take any tarritory from another nation and therefore violating sovereingty, the acting president decided that this is the best place to form a new country.

The independence of the Republic of Subenia was declared on August 8, 2010. Subenia based its independence on the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, which sets out the definition, rights and duties of statehood.

Government & politics

Subenia was a state with a republican form of government. It was a direct democracy, since legislative and executive power was exercised by the people through public meetings. The people elected a president who presided over meetings and settled disputes at court trials. He served a term of one hundred days. Apart from this, he also signed international agreements, recognised foreign states, appointed ambassadors and confered honours. The administration of the state and civil rights of its citizens were stipulated by the Constitution of Subenia. The public policies of the state follow the principles of the rule of law and justice.

Foreign relations

Subenia recognised the Republic of Serbia in its full borders, supported it fully in its diplomatical struggle to protect its sovereignity and shall never recognise the unilateral declaration of independence of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. Subenia also recognised the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, because the acting president has visited this country. Subenia never sought recognition from sovereign states, but had the goal of receiving recognition from Serbia and San Marino. On the micronational plan Subenia led a moderate peaceful policy and recognised all micronations that respect the basic civil rights and diplomatic principles.

Territory & Location


Map of Subenia

Subenia was located on Dustin Island, Antarctica. Dustin Island (Latitude: 72.54º S, Longitude: 94.81º W) is an island about 18 mi (29 km) long, and 6 miles (9.5 km) wide. It lies 15 mi (24 km) south-east of Cape Annawan, Thurston Island and covers 285.6 km2 (110.3 sq. mi.). The Subenian territorial waters extended 6 nautical miles (11.1 km) into the sea around the island.