َﻻ ﻪٰﻟِإ َ ﱠﻻِإ ﷲ ﺪﱠﻤَﺤُﻣ ٌ لﻮُﺳَر ُ ﷲ
(There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger)
Missouri, USA
Capital city Salmanabad
Largest city Salmanabad
Official language(s) Arabic and Persian (national), English (working)
Official religion(s) Shia
Demonym Ubudi
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Vizier Hassan Al-Said
- Sultan Ahmed II
Established 24 February 2013
Area claimed 670 m2
Population 23
Currency Ubudi
National animal Simurgh

Al-Ubudiyya, or the Sultanate of Al-Ubudiyya, is a Shia sultanate with a territory bordering the US state of Missouri, but with citizens also living in Oman and Tanzania. It is ruled by Sultan Ahmed II, who justifies his right to rule by virtue of his descent from a variety of pre-revolution Persian nobles, as well as from the Khans of Khiva by his mother's line.


Al-Ubudiyya was founded as a non-territorial titular claim by His Majesty Ahmed I Al-Salman, the father of the current Sultan. His father, Murtaza, had the title Mirza, being a descendant of a variety of nobles and princes in Persia. His mother, Muna, was a granddaughter of Muhammed Rahim II of the Qungrat Dynasty, the last independent Khan of Khiva. After the Russian conquest of Khiva in 1873, Muna's father fled to Mashhad, where he met a local woman and married her, giving birth to Muna, as well as other siblings. Muna later met Murtaza in Mashhad, and married him. Ahmed I was born there, and following the 1979 Iranian revolution to Muscat from Shiraz where the family had since moved. Many years later, after he had had his first son, he decided to formalise a title claim for himself as the culmination of all of his inherited titles and miscellaneous noble blood. Thus, he declared himself the Sultan of Al-Ubudiyya, as a testament to his strong Muslim faith (Ubudiyya means servitude in Arabic, in this case servitude to Allah).

Many years passed and Al-Ubudiyya, still little more than a title at the time, remained inactive. Eventually, His Majesty Ahmed I had his second son, who is now called Ahmed II, and a daughter called Fatima. When His Majesty Ahmed I died, the throne passed to the elder son, Abdullah. Abdullah, due to entering a period of mourning for his father and a lack of interest in the sultanate, abdicated soon after. Thus, the throne passed to His Majesty Ahmed II.

The royal family then moved to the US, except for the ageing Valide Sultan who stayed in Muscat. Some of the high officials of the sultanate followed soon after. On the 24th of February, 2013, the royal family bought a farm in the state of Missouri. This land was claimed as the sovereign territory of Al-Ubudiyya and His Majesty's base of operations.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Sultanate is officially open for diplomatic relations with all serious nations, but alliances can only be made with nations that are officially Islamic or have a majority Muslim population.


Republic of Viadalvia

Other Diplomatic RelationsEdit

Federal Kingdom of South-Eastern Carpathians
Democratic People's Republic of Tokunama

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