Sultanate of Bir Tawil
Bir tawilBir crest

Bir Tawil region between Egypt and Sudan
Official language(s) English
Established June/3/2012
Area claimed 800 sq mi (2,060 km2)
Time zone EST (UTC+2) +3 (UTC)

The Sultanate of Bir Tawil is a micronation claiming the area of Bir Tawil, an area between Egypt and Sudan but claimed by niether country, or any other.


Head of StateEdit

The Head of State of Bir Tawil is the Sultan of Bir Tawil, by his grace and signature laws proposed by the elected counsels are passed and enforced. The current Sultan is HSM Mathayus Tawil-Lyons, who rules in the place and on-behalf of Mahārājñī April of the Royal House of Ma'at.

Elected CounselsEdit

The elected counsels are a collection of elected officials who are the legislative body of the government each counsel is set to make laws about specific practices.

List of CounselsEdit

  • War Counsel
  • Environment Counsel
  • Justice Counsel

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