Sumac Department
Flag of Sumac Department
annexation date July 17, 2010
leader HIM Tsar Kuri I
land area ~ 0 acres
languages Slin-Englysh
abbreviation SC

Sumac Department is the thirteenth department of the Slinky Empyre.



Sumac National Park

Sumac National Park takes up the entire department, approxiately one-thirtieth of an acre. Vyceroy Kuri protects Sumac as its Park Manager.


The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun

Tsarist Empire of GishabrunSumac DepartmentDemographics of The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun

Gishabrunian Government
HIM the Tsar of GishabrunPolitical Parties of GishabrunGishabrun Armed ForcesCouncil of Gishabrun

Oblasts and Krais
Kravat OblastSomewhere OblastKvartirskaya OblastEternal Summer OblastAncient Willow KraiWild Isle Krai

Major Events
The Bench War

Awards and Peerages
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Intermicronational Chess Federation2010 Intermicronational Chess ChampionshipSymbols of Gishabrun


Slinky Empyre

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Saint Rychard Dpt., Herway Dpt., Llabdey Dpt., Tyncomarus Dpt., Hookwood Dpt.,
Amono Dpt., Lookout Dpt., Hayland Dpt., Sarenai Dpt.,
Tergumterra Dpt., Sumac Dpt., Iyabi Dpt., Georgeton Dpt., Haynes Dpt.

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Micronational Activity Review, Micronational Monthly, Slinky Monthly

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