The Kingdom Descended from the Sun and Moon
The New Flag

"Sol et Luna requiem eorum potestatem super nos"
(English: "The Sun and the Moon rest their power upon us")
Official language(s) English, Anatolic German (a mix of German and Italian)
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Anatolic
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- National Monarch Lady Elizabeth (pseudonym)
Legislature Parliament
Established November 8, 2012
Area claimed N/A
Population 8 claimed but 1 officially
Currency Anatolic Dollar
Time zone UTO -5:00
National drink Milk
National animal Arctic Fox

The Sun and Moon Kingdom Website

The Kingdom Descended from the Sun and the Moon, or the Sun and Moon Kingdom, is an online micronation that claims no land, water, or celestial bodies for the time being. The kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with their monarch being a fifteen year old using the psuedonym Lady Elizabeth. The micronation claimed day of creation is November 8, 2012.


The micronation was claimed to be created on November 8, 2012, a week after the monarch's fifteenth birthday. The nation is purely an online micronation but wishes to be an actual land micronation then a actual nation. As of May 2013, the monarch is trying to create a language for the nation so the official language is not only English.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Sun and Moon Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with an alternating primogeniture, which the queen defines as the monarch as being a female, the heir apparent is a male, then their heir apparent is a female. The goverment is divided into three  branches, similar to the United States of America.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The nation has yet to establish any foreign relations.


The nation does not have a military.


The Sun and Moon Kingdom does not have much of an economy for it being an online micronation. The nation, however, does have a currency which is the Anatolic Dollar that seems to be slightly equal to the American dollar.

External LinksEdit

The Sun and Moon Kingdom Website

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