The Democratic States of Sundohet was officially established and declared independence from the United States of America on May 5, 2018. Chase Shockley officially took over the role of President.

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The Democratic States of Sundohet has it's own Wiki page: democratic-states-of-sundohet.wikia.comTemplate:Complete nation infoboxThere you can learn a lot more about the nation.

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The Currency of the Democratic States of Sundohet is officially the Sundohettian Mark, although it is commonly referred to as the "Democratic Mark" or the "Democracy Mark".

Coat of Arms and Flag

The flag of the Democratic States of Sundohet (DSS) features two blue stripes, two red stripes, and 4 black stars, the blue stands for liberty and prosperity, the red stands for courage and bravery. The 4 black stars stand for remembrance.

The Coat of arms features a red stripe, a blue stripe, and a white stripe, within the white strip is four stars and the phrase, "Nullem bullem non pacem". The stars do not have a distinct meaning and can be left to be interpreted. The phrase, however, is Latin and means "No war, no peace", it means that without war, we cannot achieve peace.


The first stamps were released on May 5th, when the nation declared independence, they depicted the Coat of Arms with the Latin phrase "Sic Semper Tyrannis" (thus with tyrants), along with "Democratic States of Sundohet". Only a few of these stamps were printed, as the nation had a very small population at the time. Following these were the "Victory Stamp" which featured "Nos Lucratus sum" and a waving Sundohettian flag.

2018, 1st Edition May Stamp

Government Ministries

Office of the President


Ministry of Immigration


Ministry of Language and Integration


Ministry of the Treasury


Ministry of Justice


Ministry of Foreign Affairs



The major state-sponsored holiday is on May 5, which is Independence Day, however, the lesser celebrated, Constitution Day, anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, is on May 2. June 29, is Shockley Day, and May 20 is Presidents Day, May 9 is Culture Day and November 15 is Governments Day, Sundohet also celebrates Thanksgiving, and it celebrates 4 July, as it still has heavy American heritage.


The official Language of Sundohet is Libertan, Libertan is a complex language with a very large vocabulary, and was created by President Shockley. If you wish to learn Libertan, contact the Ministry of Language and Integration.


An official population toll is yet to be taken, however, it is estimated that there is a population of 40

Foreign Relations

The Democratic States of Sundohet is a member of the League of Micronations.


Want to become a citizen? It's extremely easy, read through how to at the official website for the Ministry of Immigration:

Say your name and that you wish to become a citizen, the Ministry will guide you from that point.


Official Map of the Democratic States of Sundohet with provinces.

Map with provinces


The Sundohettian constitution is found at: