Superior Nation of Awayway
Awayway dip flag

Serve and Keep
Celestial Voices
Capital city Europa
Official language(s) English
Demonym Awaywaywian
Government Republic (Currently Under total executive control)
- Senate Leader Senate Leader Dave Vildan
Legislature Senate (Inactive)
Established March 29, 2014
Area claimed A 3 kilometer diameter circle
Population 1
Currency Piece
Time zone UTC

The Superior Nation of Awayway was formed after the downfall of the defunct Noinian government. It incorporates many features of the former Empire of Noa, including the meritocracy structure and the currency. However, it is now a republic instead of a monarchy. Today it has a population of 1, and it's economy is primarily based on tourism and a small amount of agriculture.


Before Awayway, there was the Empire of Noa. Noa was founded on January 2, 2012. After a long period of inactivity, it was decided that a new nation should take it's place in March of 2014. The Superior Nation of Awayway was formed on March 29. However, to get land and establish a presence, a war would have to be fought with Jackistan. A citizen's milita was raised, and Jackistan was taken over. Dave Vildan was the previous emperor and became the primary founder, writing the constitution almost by himself and forming the senate. He is currently the Senate Leader. After the 36 Mile Action was passed, Awayway claimed a circle of land with a 36 mile radius. This land included parks, stores, roads, and churches, among other things. The former Choctaw Park was renamed to Awayway National Park.

Kickapoo-Awaywaywian War

While a local event was taking place at the Awaywaywian National Park, Dave Vildan and Larry Solsky were ambushed by militants from the Country of Kickapoo (Not the Native American nation). A small skirmish broke out, with Awayway being victorious.

Socialist Revolution

The original party of Awayway, the Expansion Party, was getting competition from the newly formed Awaywaywian Socialist Party. The socialists had started riots in the streets, and were threatening to overthrow the current government, but in the midst of this chaos, three of the Socialists primary leaders left. Taking advantage of this, the also newly formed Freedomist Party had gained a hold in the Senate and threatened military action if the Socialists did not back down and dissolve their party. Due to their lack of leadership, the Socialist party was deformed, and the Freedomists became the primary party in the Senate.

Exodus and Executive Control

By January 1, all but one citizen had left Awayway. To combat this situation, in the Executive Control Action, Dave Vildan officially gave the senate leader total and utter control of Awayway. In this action were many other changes. Awayway officially adopted the metric system, and changed the currency to one Piece. The time zone was changed to UTC, and the motto and anthem were changed. He shrunk the size to only a 3 kilometer diameter circle, in order to keep it manageable.


Awayway has a republic, but with the constitution being very similar to that of Noa's. There is a senate with 2 members. Each citizen has a number of votes awarded to them for things like holding a job for a year, or serving in the military. In this way, more experienced and wise citizens have more say in the government. Each year on New Year's day new Senate members are elected into office. Because of the exodus and the Executive Control Action, all political functions such as elections have ceased, and all departments are either inactive or controled by the Senate Leader.

Public Services

Departments of the senate include the following:

  • the Department of Currency - prints credits and prevents inflation
  • the Department of the Military - commands and funds the military
  • the Department of Tax Collection - collects taxes from the citizens
  • the Department of Public Information - publicizes information about the government
  • the Department of Intelligence - intelligence gathering
  • the Department of Private Services - funds private service
  • the Department of Diplomacy - see below
  • the Department of Foreign Peoples - handles immigration and runaways from other countries

The Department of Private Services funds private organization as extensions to the government. This includes some tourism and environmental protection organizations.

Military and Diplomacy

Awayway mil flag

Awayway Military Flag


Awayway Diplomatic Flag

Because of the exodus, the military is totally disabled. Awayway normally has one single small military/police force, made primarily of infantry with some small model rockets that can be fired. It handles sea, land, and air power throughout Awayway during peace times. The military is headed by Senate Leader Dave Vildan. In 2014, the military unveiled plans for its first nuclear weapon, which are now fully operational. The Citizen's Militia is a group that is made of armed citizens during war times, and is lead by the Department of Diplomacy. Foreign relations are handled by the Department of Diplomacy as well, headed by the Senate Leader. The Department of Diplomacy issues passports and runs the Awaywaywian embassies. Despite the word "superior" in the name, Awayway does not claim to be superior to any existing country, the word means superior to the former Empire of Noa. Awayway is open to diplomacy and has an alliance with the German Democratic Republic and the Kingdom of Korea. These diplomatic ties are attempting to be kept despite the crisis. Although Awayway is a capitalist nation, they are open to diplomacy with socialist and communist nations, accepting their differences in friendship.


Although Awayway has been threatened by hostile socialist groups in the past, Awayway started as and will remain a capitalist nation. The first political party was the Expansion Party, in favor of expanding Awayway, hence the name. Other more recent parties include the Freedomist party and the Socialist party. An outline of all of these parties is given below. No parties are currently active, except for the Freedomist Party.

Expansion Party

The Expansion Party started to gain momentum for expanding Awayway. They were the ones who started the war with Jackistan, and who pushed the 36 Mile Doctrine. They are now slightly more liberal than the Freedomist party, as former socialists begin to filter in.

Awaywaywian Socialist Party

The Awaywaywian Socialist Party was made up of hostile socialists who wanted to overthrow Awayway and reconstitute a socialist government. They were dissolved in the Socialist Revolution.

Awayway National Freedomist Party

The Awayway National Freedomist Party is a party advocating complete capitalism and religion, and is against Awayway expanding any more than they already have. The Freedomist Party took the lead against the Socialist Revolution, threatening military involvement. The Freedomist Party is currently the primary party in the Senate.


Awayway relies on private businesses to keep its economy going. There are multiple craft and decoration shops as well as computer stores. Agriculture is exported each year to a foreign farmer's market. The currency is the Piece. One Piece is approximately equal to 3.2 American dollars. Instead of silver or gold, the Credit is based on quartz. About 5000 carats of quartz are held in the Awayway National Treasury. All taxes are based on sales and imports and are currently both a flat 10%. Awayway has a tradition of holding an annual trade convention at the capital. The convention is set up by the Awayway Trade Foundation, and is held for a week, starting on July 1, and ending on July 7. Participants are allowed to bring items of their own possession and trade them for other items. A sport is made by "uptrading", or slowly building up the value of the items you hold.


Awayway is surrounded by the United States of America. It has claimed a 72 mile diameter circle of land in the past, and had control over a large part of that land. However, it now only has firm control over the three kilometer diameter center. The land is mostly grassy, with some trees. Clover grows wild there.

National Holidays

Awayway has a number of national holidays, many of which come from the former Empire of Noa.

  • Founding Day, March 29 - Celebrates the founding of the Nations of Awayway
  • Wilhelm Day, July 30 - Recognizes the original founder of the Empire of Noa
  • Work Off Day, May 16 - A national day of relaxation and non-work
  • New Year Elections Day, January 1 - The first day of the year and Senate elections
  • Year's End Day, December 31 - The last day of the year where the Senate members prepare to leave office