Supreme People's Congress of Montania
Emblem of the PRM
Type Unicameral legislature
Premier Joseph Kennedy, CPM
since April 2013
Members 5
Political groups      CPM (4)
     DSPL (1)
Voting system First Past the Post
Last election April 2013 Elections

The Supreme People's Congress is the unicameral legislative body of the People's Republic of Montania which consists of Members who represent the Provinces of the People's Republic based on Population. The Congress has always been dominated by the Communist Party of Montania, due to the lack of serious political opposition. The only other party to be elected to the SPC is the Democratic Socialist Party of Labour, as well as one Independent.

Currently Serving Members

Name Party Other offices
Joseph Kennedy CPM Premier, People's Commissar for Agriculture and Industry, People's Commissar for Internal Affairs, CPM General Secretary
Harry Fitzpatrick CPM President of the People's Republic
Edward Jacobs CPM Deputy Premier, People's Commissar for Justice
Robert Garside CPM N/A
Kaushik Legata DSPL People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs, People's Commissar for Public Services