Holy Dallmark Empire
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Supreme Warlord, Supreme Commander

A Supreme Warlord of the Holy Dallmark Imperial Army is a single entity that controls the army with autocratic, limitless power and does not have to consult his decisions with any other member of the higher officer staff such as the generals and possibly a marshal. This title is only assumed by one when the Empire is under threat or is mobilizing and is the person is not obliged to assume direct headship immediately. The only thing that makes the title of Supreme Warlord different than the title of Supreme Commander is the date of introductions and the limits to one's power over the Imperial Army.

Currently, as of 23rd July, 2011, the title is held by HI&RH, Emperor Felix I of the Holy Dallmark Empire due to a dispute between Baron William I and an anonymous entity who was vandalising the Grand Barony of Voltar's site. The Emperor promised to mobilise in case of an emergency help request and hence assumed direct headship over the army.