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Empire of Sussex サセックス帝国
1013395 614686778555681 1771126707 n
National flag
1379313 670718046285887 1412949463 B

Imperial seal

"Long live the emperor"
Chichester, United Kingdom
Capital city Chichester
Largest city Chichester
Official language(s) English, Japanese
Official religion(s) Buddhism, Shinto
Demonym Sussexion
Government Absolute monarchy
Established 2013
Area claimed 0.01km²
Population 8
Currency Jay
Time zone GMT
National sport Example
National animal ?

Government website

The Empire of Sussex Which is located in the south east coast of britain in the county of West Sussex.


The first name was Jamian empire for about 3 months but a citizen said that the Government should change the name because it would makes sense if it were the Portfield Empire or Sussex Empire because its an unified force of Jamie's Army and Portfield. So the Emperor said that it will change to the Sussex Empire.


 Early history

The micronation was founded when the Portfield Civil War began in 2003. It was between Jamie's Army and Portfield's Defense Force. There where some major battles involved, which finished about 2011, then it continued as a Cold War.


On April 30th, Jamie's Army wanted truce so Sussex accepted it and both nations wanted unification and so they accepted it and then the Sussex Empire was founded as a result.

Government & PoliticsEdit

Semi Absolute Monarchy The micronation is run by the emperor but he has four advisers to give idea's and help him run the nation and we normally have a meeting once every month.

Law & OrderEdit

Law and order hasn't been discussed and it will be updated when its been decided what the law and order will be like.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The nation has no foreign relations yet.


Imperial Sussex NavyEdit

1376399 670227859668239 1061007844 n

Imperial Sussex Navy Land Forces

Sussex Special Naval Landing Forces

1378157 670237683000590 2035674264 n

War flag of the Imperial Sussex Army


Imperial Sussex ArmyEdit


Air Force roundel

Air Force Roundel


Imperial Sussex Air ForceEdit

Zeppelin Squadron

Geography & ClimateEdit


This is where the micronation is located, in Chichester

The Climate of the Sussex Empire is exactly the same as the UK's; which is quite rainy and windy for a lot of the year, but there is some sun during the year, the Capital City of the micronation is Chichester.


The nation's currency is the 'Jay'.


Sussexion Culture would be similar to the Culture of Japan


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