City of Svorholm
Flag of Svorholm

City Of Ice
Nordaustlandet North
Official language(s) English
Demonym Svorholmer
- Mayor of the City of Svorholm Current President
- Local Representative of the National Assembly of Svarway Vacant
Established 2015
Population 334

Svorholm is the capital of the Republic of Svarway, and is the most populated city in Svarway. The city is known as the City of Ice, and is known for it's cold temperatures.

Svorholm is located north of the Svarvegian island of Nordaustlandet, and has a population of over 300.


Politics in Svorholm (Republic of Svarway) are very closely contended, with most backing from the people of the city backing the nationalist Svarvegian Svar Party or SSP for short, with a backing of over 150 people, almost half the city.

The 2015 Svarway Elections Predictors believe whoever takes Svorholm will take the rest of Nordaustlandet by storm, which if correct, would see a Svar Party victory.

With no records of other elections this year could shape which party is backed the most for years to come, and Svarvegian Democrats (SDP) local representative Max Johansen stating "A democrat victory in Svorholm would see Svarway change for the better".

Party Representative Following
Democratic Party (SDP) Max Johansen 40+
Svarvegian Labour Party (SLP) Alex Maya 25+
Svar Party (SSP) Ryan Smith 150+
Nordaustlandet Party (NNP) Gustav Christian 100+