’’’The People’s Republic of Swartzia’’’
Motto: ‘’Security et Libertate’’ (Latin)
’’Security and Freedom’’ (English)
Musical Anthem: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Bob Dylan
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: none
Area claimed: 2500 km2
Membership: 3 citizens
Date of foundation: 20 April 2015
Leadership: President Liam Schumm
Form of government: Democratic Republic
Language: English, German
Currency: SwartzCoin

Swartzia, formally known as the People’s Republic of Swartzia, is a predominantly non-territorial micronation. It does, however, own 232 square meters in central north america, which is used for governmental headquarters. The location of this land is private. It uses websites as a form of land, and citizens may own as many websites as they can.


In the beginning of April, 2015, there were ideas, from current president Liam Schumm, about founding a nation that used websites as land, and allowed citizens a “space” on the web, and a bitcoin economy to access. Thus, beginning on the 17th of April, planning begun. It was named after activist Aaron Swartz, as he embodied many of the ideologies of Swartzia.


As it's web-based, Swartzia allows for an unlimited amount of citizenship for any country, including other non-territorial micronations.

Governmental Structure

The governmental structure in Swartzia revolves around the council. The president acts as a council member who can veto any bill and has two votes on the council. Council members have two normal votes and are elected in five year terms. Presidents are elected from within the council every year.

An 80% majority vote of the population and council at any time can result in the impeachment of a council member or president.

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