Independent Principality of the First Prosylvanian Governorate

Government Postmodern Parliamentary
- Prime Minister Duchess Caliope of West Proslyvania

Sylvania is a postmodern micronation created in Southwest Florida in order to study nation-building and development. Its government is parliamentary and is run on concensus among the Governor-General, Prime Minister, and the various government officials. The current seat of Government is in Throne District, West Prosylvania.

Geographically, Sylvania is divided into two traditional divisions: Prosylvania (the northern provinces) and Sylvania proper (the southern provinces). These are subdivided into macroadministrative regions: in the north, Prosylvania and Rhododassa, and in the south, West Sylvania and East Sylvania. Prosylvania consists of two provinces: East and West. In the West, one finds the following districts: District 8, Throne, Toucan, Barker, West Prosylvania, Monopatia, Perkinia, Turtle, Spider, Northern Fort, Northern Crossroads, and Garden of Invasive Species. In East Prosylvania one finds District 9, District 30, Kinaea, the Lengths of Kinaea, and the National Lawn. Rhododassa is its own province and consists of the following districts (East-West): Avenue, Deadwood, Seaweed, Promuria, and Pillar. West Sylvania consists of the regions of the National Garden and Region G, as well as the Province of West Sylvania which is divided into districts numbered from 1 to 7. East Sylvania is made of districts numbered from 16 to 25 in order of their discovery. District 32 and South Sylvania are not claimed by the Principality-Governorate.