These are the symbols of the Republic of Subenia.

Coat of arms of Subenia


Coat of arms of Subenia

The coat of arms of Subenia consists of a blue shield with a white eagle. The eagle has a red bill and red claws. The eagle carries a red latin cross on his chest. The coat of arms is used as the state symbol and symbol of the state institutions.

Flag of Subenia


Flag of Subenia

The flag of Subenia is a white-red-blue tricolour. It has three stripes of equal height, the top one being white, the middle one red, and the bottom one blue. In the top left corner is the coat of arms. The coat of arms is on the 9/40 of the flags width from the pole and spreads over the white and red fields equally and has 55/100 of the height of the two fields. The flag proportion is 3:5. The flag is used as the national flag and ensign, meaning that it is used for all purposses on both land and sea.

Presidential Standard of Subenia


Presidential standard of Subenia

The presidential standard of Subenia is a rectangular blue flag with the proportions 3:5. In the canton is the flag of Subenia fimbrated white and in the fly are 12 white five pointed stars that represent the Aquila (Eagle) constelation. It is used to represent the institution of the President of Subenia.

National Anthem of Subenia

The national anthem of Subenia is the song Dok se uz lagan vetar vije (While flying in a gentle breeze). The anthem is in Serbian. The song is based on the famous partisan war song Po šumama i gorama (Trough the valleys and accross the hills), with slightly altered lyrics.

National anthem of Subenia00:52

National anthem of Subenia

National Anthem of Subenia

Official lyrics
Dok se uz lagan vetar vije
Naš barjak trobojni
Srce svima složno bije,
kažu ljudi ponosni!

Tuđe pretnje nas ne plaše,
Krv herojska u nas vri,
Mi ne damo zemlje naše
Da je gaze dušmani!

Neka čuje dušman kleti
da će kod nas slomit' vrat,
Pre ćemo mi umreti
Nego svoje zemlje dat'!

Kaznićemo izdajice,
Osvetlati obraz svoj,
Pokazaćemo celom svetu
Kako se voli narod svoj!

English translation
While flying in a gentle breeze
Our tricolour banner
Every one's hart beats together
Proudly the people are saying

Threats of others don’t scare us
Hero blood boils in our veins
We don’t allow our lands
To be stomped by enemies!

Let the despised foe know
That he will break his neck
We will die before
We give up our lands!

We will punish the traitors
And make are nation proud
We will show the entire world
How you love your nation!

Other Symbols of Subenia

Football Federation of Subenia

Football federation of Subenia

Other symbols of the Republic of Subenia are the Imperial Eagle (Orao Krstaš), the Aquila (Eagle) constellation and the civil flag of Subenia which is identical to the state flag but without the coat of arms. On the right is the logo of the Subenian Football Federation

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