In the Slinky Empyre, national symbols (other than the emblem and flag) are chosen by the Kyng or Queen, and departmental symbols are chosen by that department's Vyceroy or Vycereine.

National symbols Edit

animal squirrel
color royal blue
drink water
emblem Slinkyemblem
flag Flag of the Slinky Empyre
food cake
game chess
music Schumann's Traumerei
toy the Slinky, of course

Departmental symbols Edit

Saint Rychard Department Edit

flag Flag of Saint Rychard Department
motto The ryghteous shall flourysh as a branch. or Les justes verdiront comme le feuillage.

Herway Department Edit

animal red ant
flag Flag of Herway Department

Eastvale Department Edit

flag Flag of Eastvale Department

Oak Department Edit

flag Flag of Oak Department

Tyncomarus Department Edit

flag Flag of Tyncomarus Department

Hookwood Department Edit

flag Flag of Hookwood Department

Amono Department Edit

flag Flag of Amono Department

Lookout Department Edit

flag Flag of Lookout Department

Hayland Department Edit

flag Flag of Hayland Department
motto Small but loyal

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