Tachanka - "Song of the fire years"
Socialist Republic of Bromenia
Also known as Red Carts of Rostov
Lyrics See Below
Musical sample

Тачанка [Ta-Chan-Kaa] is the National Anthem of Bromenia. It is composed about a long-ago war in Russia which inspired the founding members of Bromenia to create said nation. It was composed by Vladimir Kryvtsov  and Eugene Botiarov of the Soviet Union.




Bird, fly from the road, and quickly!

Better Hurry or you're dead!

See that dust cloud coming thickly!

Horses charging far ahead!

Blasting, turning, fire pouring,

into crowds of enemies!

His machine gun rattling, roaring

our young gunner clears the fields!


Hey machine gun cart from Rostov!

You're our joy and you're our pride!

Red cavalry gun-carts blast off,

Four wheels whirring as they ride!



[инструментал] птица, лети от пътя, и то бързо!

По-добре побързай или си мъртъв!

Виж, че облак прах идва гъсто!

Коне за зареждане далеч напред!

Взривяване, струговане, огън налива,

в тълпи от врагове!

Неговата картечница тракащ, рев

младата ни артилерист изчиства полетата!


Ей картечница количка от Ростов!

Ти си нашата радост и ти си нашата гордост!

Red кавалерийски пистолет колички излитам,

Четири колела бръмчащи, тъй като те се вози!




птица, летать от дороги, и быстро!

Лучше Спешите или ты мертв!

Смотрите, что облако пыли приходит густо!

Лошади зарядки далеко вперед!

Взрывные, превращая, огонь заливки,

в толпы врагов!

Его пулемет дребезжание, ревущий

наш молодой артиллерист очищает поля!


Эй пулемет корзина из Ростова!

Ты наша радость, и вы наша гордость!

Конармия пистолет тележки взлетать,

Четыре колеса жужжание, поскольку они едут!



The National Anthem of Bromenia is a firm reminder of the Cold War that began the journey that eventually became Bromenia. It also looks up to the Soviet Union, a model nation for the Bromeni Federation.

It was chosen as the national anthem to replace народен, the previous National Anthem sung by the previous inhabitants of Dragostin on the 4th January 2014 as it showed new premise and a new beginning for the people of Bromenia.

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