Sovereign Republic of Tagalaskaya
Seal of the Republic
Flag of the Republic

Aliñg pag-ibig pa ang hihigit kaya sa pagkadalisay at pagkadakila, gaya ng pag-ibig sa tinubuang lupa?
[Salve Patria Tagalaskaya]
Capital city San Sebastian
Largest city Greater District of Mindanao
Official language(s) Filipino and English (both official)
Official religion(s) Christianity and Islam (majority)
Short name Tagalasakaya
Demonym Tagalaskayan(s)
Government Constitutional directorial dictatorial republic
- Premier-General Miguel Angelo Basuel
- Chancellor-General Julianna Reese Buhay
Legislature Praesidium of the Republic
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 20
Established May 15, 2015
Area claimed 1 square mile
Population 25 active citizens 2,000 under claimed area
Currency Tagalaskayan piloncito
Time zone TST
Internet Domain .tg (purported)

Tagalaskaya, officially the Sovereign Republic of Tagalaskaya (Filipino: Ang Soberanong Republika ng Tagalaskaya) is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, landlocked in the Republic of the Philippines and is considered a micronation.

Tagalaskaya is a republic under the rule of the Praesidium of the Republic, a body which exercises the executive and legislative of the country. The Praesidium is led by the Premier-General Miguel Basuel, with the 10 Deputy Premiers. The National Tribunal, headed by the Head Magistrate is composed of eight judges which interpret the Constitution and rules most cases in the land, if not all

The first date of establishment considered by the government is October 2008. Other entities declared independence in 2010, October 2012, November 2014, May 2015 and December 2015, which are also considered by the government.


The country has had a total of 2 influential eras: Knowledge-Science, Libertia-Tagalaskaya


The Republic of Knowledge was first established on the month of October, year 2012, as a new-country project exercised by Former Chancellor Corpus and current Premier-General Basuel as a childhood hobby. Imaginary exercises of invasion, politics and juvenile creativity came to be the main core of the Republic. Later in the year, scientific advancement and pursuit of knowledge came to be the main theme of the "national policy". Around this same time, the Crowned Republic of Limuco, a future member of the Libertian Federation was established by Basuel for his maternal family and their "representation". As the Republic grew, more citizens filled in the ranks, with the core being the group of six friends of the original founders.

The Confederacy of Science-Limuco was created as a personal union, however has the same principles and government and was merged to strengthen fraternity between the two governments. They both still keep the confederal governments. Later that day, the Libertian Federation was created to fully secure independence and self-government.

Libertia-Tagalaskaya Edit

The Libertian Free State was officially founded December 2015 during an excursion by the original members of the government of the Science as students of a school in Manila. Establishing the so-called "Legion", they established Libertia as an official united state. Originally a quasi-stratocracy, elections were held the week after and become a representative democracy with a parliamentary system.

The next year, the government passed numerous measures which help in organizing order between the citizens of the state, such as instituting the Tribunal (held interim by the members of the national government). No sentences though have been commuted due to the fact that only civil and petty offenses are deliberated in this Tribunal. Around this time, the country was renamed Tagalaskaya.

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