Tagalaskayan Defence Force
Dates of operation 2014-Present
Supremo-Heneral Miguel Angelo Basuel
TDF Chief Marshall and Defence Minister Harold Peña
Status Active
Size 30~40
The Tagalaskayan Defence Force is the armed forces of the Tagalaskayan Republic. It is composed of the Tagalaskayan Land Forces, Tagalaskayan Nautical Forces, Tagalaskayan Aeronautical Forces, Tagalaskayan Amphibious Forces and the Tagalaskayan Civil Guard. It has 10 active members and 25 reserve and militia forces. Military service is entirely voluntary. It was founded officially on December 2015.

The Defence Force is ruled by a joint administration of the Department of Defence and the TDF Head Council both led by Field Marshal Peña. The Supremo-Heneral in conjunction with his name is the "Executive General" of the Armed Forces, and is the final decision-maker on the issues regarding all parts of the Armed Forces.

The chain-of-command is headed by the TDF Head Council comprised of the Premier-General, Deputy Premier-General, TDF Chief of Staff, Defence Minister, Executive Minister and Military Advisor. The Premier-General can appoint, promote, demote officers, create military structures and send funds for the branches of the military, with the confidence of the TDF Head Council. The branches each have a Head General-President who oversees the welfare of each branch and the geographical divisions each have a General-President in-charge of the area.

The Tagalaskayan Land Forces

The Land Forces, usually called the Army, is the main land foce of the Republic and the Defence Force. It was originally named the "Ejercitos de la Ciencia" for the Republic of Science.

All active members of the TDF comprise of this branch and are "well-armed".

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