The taiababah is the average currency of the micronations that suceeded from Georgia (USA). It pegs with every type of taiababah.

Bakabian tæababa

Currency of Bakabia.

1T = 1€.

Copranian taiababah

Main topic: Copranian taiababah

Currency of Coprania.

1t = 1$US

Æbian taiababah

Main topic: Æbian taiababah

Currency of Æbia.

1T = 1£

234432 Coprania
People Ezirp von MausunIlscha von MausunLirat von MausunIdarp Sirak
Political Parties National Copranian Republican PartyNational Assembly of the Republic's Democrats
Language CopranianEnglish
Symbols Rat TerrierPizzaMountain DewEzirp von Mausun
Politics, Foriegn Relations
Diplomacy Realm von freyja FreyaMahusetFlag MahusetFlag of St. Robertsburg DradeliaFlag1 Lyonesse
Aden bayragi AdenHasanistan HasanistanNicflag2 NyclosScoussia Scoussia
Jera Flag Jera-Empire
Organizations Flaglike10 Peace Union
Currency Copranian taiababahTaiababah
Wars ---N/A---
Other History Bakabia flag Bakabia
Cities Babkeabegba flag BabkeabegbaGabiat Gabiat
Provinces Dwelegdian flag DwelegdGhlinan flag Ghlino