New article of this micronation can be found with the name Socialist Republic of Talon
Talon is micronation in Torpparimäki (Helsinki, Finland) Talon founded by the current President. Talons national sport is elephant ball. National food is Pulkoni which is practically inside the bun dough is put bacon.


The first Talon of the Republic of the presidential election held on 16.2.2015, with Teppo Malinen got 75% of votes. Talon and others of the Republic of the presidential election held on 17.02.2016 which also won Teppo Malinen. He legally extended the presidential term to last two years. He is thus the president until 17.02.2018.
Talonin republic by PierreFin-d7f612

Coat of Arms by PierreFin

Talon´s President´s Channel

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