Taravai.flag Governorateoftaravai
Flag Coat of arms
Map of taravai
National Anthem:
"Atlantis Anthem"
Taravai Anthem:
"Taravai Anthem"
Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit

Republic of Atlantis

Official languages English, Italiano, French

Area 5,7 km2
Latitude 23° 08' 12 S
Longitude 135° 01' 33 W

Goveror Pawel Dworzycki
Party Free Democratic Party

National Legislature Atlantis Parliament
Seats 10

– Citizens
– Residence

Currency Åtlins
Official Document Passport

Time zone Central: UTC - 10
Country Code RoA

Public Holiday 19 February

Internet TDL .net .org .com

Drives on the Right

Date formats Holocene calendar


Government Website

Taravai is the second largest island in the Gambier Islands. about 1.5 km southwest of Mangreva, and about 300km north of the island of Angakauitai. Off its eastern shore lies the tiny rock of 'Îlot Motu-o-ari'. Their village, Agonoko, is located near the main bay on the island's eastern shore. With a remaining population of three (census of 2002), it is almost abandoned. Former villages were Aga-nui (northwest) and Agakau-i-uta (southeast).

Historical events

During the Atlantis Civil War the island was proclaimed the new momentary capital of the Republic of Atlantis the 16 September 2010 meanwhile Poseidon was

Taravai satellite photo from Google Earth

occupied by the rebels group that found the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis.'

Also Taravai holds the HQ of the Ministry of Development and Propaganda