Tarintinium's Coat Of Arms

Tarintinium is a micronation founded on October 2nd, 2010 By Ryan Coleman.

It is a small micronation, with a land area of 420 square Feet of land. It has a population of 5 people. And has peaceful intentions with other, fellow Micronations, and is located in New York.

Tarintinium is divided up into states, One state, Salamaca consists of 300 SF and Proximus Consists of the rest, It has zero water area, and is mostly grassland.




Tarintinium was founded on October 2, 2010, and remains active around its closer allies. Tarintinium is a peaceful micronation, and will ally with anyone.


On the 15th of October,2010, Slinky Empyre and Tarintinium anounced an alliance.

On October 12th,2010 Reach Was founded and Allied with Tarintinium

On October 18th 2010, Danesland allied with Tarintinium.