Klaise is an advanced nation comared to other nations. Klaise has 1 TV station and a minor 8-bit computer company called BigBoy. The nation also has a major production of 4-bit video game consoles called DS Auto Hampster System. Klaise has been manufacturing technology since the late 2000's. Klaise has seperate electricity lines from the USA and this makes Klaise have a windmills all over Klaise.




Concept art of the Bigboy laptop. As seen. You use the joystick to press letters and shove it in to select. YOu can press a button to acess the internet and get help with the help button. YOu can use 4 Bit Alternative with the 4 Bit button

Bigboy and the Bigboy SH are the only computers made in Klaise. They never went to sucess because BigBoy's first laptop, the BigBoy was judged more by the processer than the actual potential in the system. Many were snobs about the 8-bit. Many prefer 16-bit modern day laptops. An average BigBoy laptop would cost 17.50 Schillings or $15.00 but now it is 30.00 Schillings or $27.50

BigBoy SH

The Bigboy SH was never designed and only 5 exist as draft models and Bigboy's company crashed in 2010 because no one whould ever buy the computers exept the porrest of Americans that are near Klaise and Klaisese peoples. One SH whould cost 20 Schillings or $12.75.

Video Game consoles

DS Auto's Hampster System


An advertisment for the Hampster System. Look close. You can see that the grey lines in the screen are split to show the 16 pixels. Over 16 would crash the system.

Unlike BigBoy. Hampster has a 4-Bit processor and is 7 inches wide. Plus, this console sucedded to reach at least a trade distance of 2 states away or 800 miles (1287 km). The Hampster has 2 controller USBs and has only 16 pixels on-screen at a time. Sometimes 18 pixels were on-screen and crashed the system. This was a rare glitch though. THere were 10 games released. They were Netherman, World Advanture, Jetpack Hero and more. The Hampster was the most sucessful tech object ever made in Klaise with 40,000 consumers.

Hampster 8-Bit

THis console is being made now and will be released on April 4, 2013. Obiously being 8-Bit.

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