People's Republic of Temira
Libertarian socialist flag by frankoko-d4z0v3q

"Labor omnia vincit"
Forward Temira
Capital city Magnitogorsk
Largest city Magnitogorsk
Official language(s) Russian, Kazakh
Official religion(s) N/A
Demonym Temiran
Government Socialism
- President Artyom Karimov
- Premier Artyom Karimov
Legislature Senate
Established December 22nd, 2014
Area claimed 6,500 square miles
Population 1,738,108
Currency Temiri
National sport Ice hockey
Internet Domain .tr (proposed)

Temira, officially the People's Republic of Temira is a self-proclaimed micronation in the southern half of Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia. The nation was founded on December 22th, 2014‎ by Artyom Karimov, who also serves as the first President of the Republic. 


The term Temira comes from the Kazakh word темір (temir is the English transliteration), or iron. This name was adopted by Karimov and the people to represent the iron and steel production that is prevalent in the region.


Temira declared her independence as a sovereign nation in 2014 in response to the people of Chelyabinsk feeling misrepresented in the current Russian government. Artyom Karimov, a factory worker of both Russian and Kazakh descent, was chosen to lead the Magnitogorsk Worker's Movement in 2011. In 2014, the MWM (a coalition of multiple parties) voted on seceding from Russia to form an independent union. On December 18th, it was announced that 78.63% of the populace of southern Chelyabinsk wanted independece. The move was formally accepted on December 22th, and the People's Republic of Temira was born.

Government & PoliticsEdit

Temira's first president was elected on the 26th with 92% of the vote. While Artyom had no formal political experience, his ability to work for the people made him a suitable canidate. Presidents serve for five year terms and can be elected for a second term. After this second term is up, they cannot run again until the next president is out of office.

A senate was created with thirty representatives, two from each district in Temira. These senators are in office for a two-year term and may be elected up to four consecutive times. 

The People's Committee was also formed. This branch allows three people from each town in the Republic to have a voice in government. They are elected once every two years and each person may not serve more than twice. Members of the People's Committee actively discuss local matters for their respective town in capital.

There are four main political parties in Temira, along with various smaller parties. The Worker's Party is the current ruling party. Some of the main parties include:

Worker's Party of Temira (socialist/communist)

Popular Party (center-left)

Union Party (conservative)

Temiran National Party (far-right)

Law & OrderEdit

The National Police Service (NPS) is the governing body of law enforcement. Local governments have their own respective law enforcement administrations as well. The Border Patrol serves as a branch of the National Police Service.

The Constitution of Temira is currently being drafted by members of the four major political parties.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The People's Republic of Temira is currently not recognized by any macro or micro state. Russia does not recognize its seccesion or sovereignty as an independent state. 

Temira recognizes the State of Palestine, Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia as sovereign nations on a worldly scale. At the current time, it does not recognize Taiwan, Transnistria or Nagorno-Karabakh. The recognition of these entities is subject to a future vote. Temira also doesn't recognize seceding regions of Ukraine as sovereign or part of Russia unless Russia removes its involvement and these areas hold independence referendums without violence.

Temira is open to diplomacy with other micronations at this time.


The military of the People's Republic of Temira includes the an army, an air force, and the Citizen's Guard. The Citizen's Guard is a domestic militia made up of citizens. The military is strictly a volunteer force in times of peace. In times of crisis, the military turns to conscription. Everyone between the ages of 18 and 38 must apply.

The majority of armaments used by the Temiran military come from Russia and Kazakhstan. Aircraft are of Soviet surplus.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Temira is a landlocked country in the southern half of Chelyabinsk Oblast. Temira borders Russia from the north, south, and west and Kazakhstan from the east. The terrain is very diverse; from the Ural Mountains in the north to the hilly plains in the south. The summers average around 77 degrees Farenheit, while the winters average around 14 degrees. Temira experiences the four seasons.


The main industry in Temira (with the exception of agriculture and forestry) is iron and steel production. However, as work quotas were high during Soviet times, a great deal of ore must be imported into Temira from Kazakhstan. 


The National Theater in the capital, Magnitogorsk.


The primary language in Temira is Russian, although Kazakh is also spoken on a large scale. Although Temira is officially secular, it allows for freedom of religion. Appoximately 50% of the population is Russian Orthodox. The rest of the populace is Muslim, spiritual, or atheist.  


Media in Temira is controlled by both the state and some private organizations. Worker's Daily is the primary newspaper of the nation.

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