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People's Commonwealth of Terra Silvae
FlagofterrasilvaeCoat of arms

"Sovereign, Sub Deo"
"Salvete, Terra Silvae Patria" (Hail Terra Silvae, Our Native Land)
40.2697° N, 76.8756° W
Capital city Morrisopolis, TS
Largest city Morrisopolis, TS
Official language(s) American English, Esperanto, Latin
Official religion(s) Religous Freedom
Demonym Silvaen
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Archduke Morgan James Morrison
Legislature the House of the People
Established March 8, 2014
Area claimed n/a
Population 5
Currency Silvaen Pecunia (tied 1:1 with US dollar)
Time zone UTC-5
National sport American Baseball
National animal White-tailed Deer
Internet Domain

People's Commonwealth of Terra Silvae was founded on March 8, 2014. The founder of the soveriegn state, Archduke Morgan James Morrison presides as ruler over the commonwealth under a

Constitutional Monarchy. The capital city of Morrisopolis lies around 10 miles south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.


Terra Silvae is directly translated from Latin to English to mean "Land and Forest." The term land and forest comes from the abundant woodslands and beautiful nature within the Nation.  The first Archduke of the nation dubbed the state this on the day of establishment, March 8, 2014.


The People's Commonwealth was established on March 8, 2014 by The Archduke, Morgan James Morrison. The reason he decided to take property and secede from the United States of America was because he believed America had strayed from her original conservative values. Seeking to form a more perfect nation, he established Terra Silvae. The Silvaen Constitutional Conservative Party has remained in control of the government except for the Communist Uprising on May 1, 2014. The Nationalist Party won the civil war against the Silvaen Workers for Socialism Party on May 3, 2014 after three days of bloody fighting in the capital city Morrisopolis.

The May 1st Revolution

Communist terra silvae

Silvaen Workers for Socialism Party Flag

Begun on May 1, 2014 the revolution was begun by the Silvaen Workers for Socialism Party. Leading the revolt was the sister of the current Archduke Morgan James Morrison. (Her name was not revealed, but goes by the alias of Ms."M") This revolt ended in the killing of

23 Silvaen National Guardsmen and the execution of 5 members of the Silvaen House of the People. The Communist Party overtook the government and instilled a totalitarian dictatorship. After 3 days, Morgan Morrison lead the Nationalist Army to overthrow the Communists resulti

ng in 177 causalities from both sides. Ms. "M" was tried by the Silvaen Courts for war crimes and insurrection and found guilty on 45 charges resulting in execution by lethal injection.

Government & Politics

IMG 1070

1st Archduke of Terra Silvae; Morgan Morrison

Terra Silvae is a Constitutional Monarchy. Constitutional monarchy is a form of democratic government in which a nonpolitical monarch acts as head of state within the boundaries of a constitution, whether written or unwritten. While the monarch may hold formal reserve powers and while

House of the people

government officially takes place in the monarch's name, they do not set public policy or choose political leaders.

The title given to the head of nation and Cheif of military or executive branch is Archduke of Terra Silvae. Morgan Morrison became the first Archduke of Terra Silvae on March 8, 2014. He continues to rule as Archduke to this present day. He is a member of the Silvaen Constitutional Conservative Party, which is the dominating political party in Terra Silvae.

National Holidays

January 1st- New Year's Day

               Flag Day

March 18th- National Worker's Day (Labor Day)

May 1st- Revolutionary Remeberance Day

          Memorial Day

June 12th- National Butter Scotch Krimpet Tasteykake Day

June- 19th- Native Silvaen's Day

July 4th- American Friendship Day

Obtober 30th- Archduke Day

Terra Silvae Claimed territorries

Claimed territories of Terra Silvae in Pennsylvania, Bir Tawil, and Antarctica.

December 25th- Christmas

Foreign Relations

Alliances with Micronations:  

Recognized Micronation

Unrecognized Micronations

Member of Micronational Unions:  

Recognized (Macro) Nations:

Unrecognized (Macro) Nations:

Alliances with Macronations:


Lacking public support and needed funds the Silvaen military was abolished after the last reminance of the communist revolution was destroyed. A well regulated citizens militia defends against outside threats. Terra Silvae has never sought imperialistic gains using military and will continue in its isolationist practices.

Military prior to May 1st

The miltary prior to the May 1st Communist Revolution was comprised of two braches. The Terram Copiis (Ground Forces) and the Aquam Copias (Water Forces). More infomation is availible by clicking the link to the official page. Silvaen Military (People's Commonwealth of Terra Silvae)


The territories of Terra Silvae are separated into 14 states all of which have local governments and leaders. Separation of powers is a main part of the political ideology in Terra Silvae.

States located as an enclave of Pennsylvania, USA.

Districting of PA

state districting of PA territory

State Name Head of State State Flag
Capital State of Morrisoplis

Federal Government

(Archduke M. J. Morrison)

Captal state of morrisopolis.gPNG
Deum De Terra


(Elections not held yet.)

Duem De Terra

States located in the Bir Tawi territory.

Districting of bir tawil

State Districting of Bir Tawil

State Name  Head of State State Flag
Çöl Devlet Governess Campell
Tawil Republic


(Election not held yet.)

Tawil republic flag
State of Rub' al


(Election not held yet.)

The state of rub al
Bir Tawil Commonwealth


(Election not held yet.)



The economy is based on Agriculture and farming mainly. Trading/bartering is encouraged but not enforced by the government. Terra Silvae established it's own monetary system on March 22, 2014. The Silvaen Pecunia is tied one-to-one with the US one dollar.

Terra Silvae Pecunia

Silvaen 1 Pecunia


Culture in Terra Silvae's states of Capital State of Morrisopolis and Deum De Terra  is best compared to Pennsylvania Dutch culture.  Located mostly as an enclave of the US state Pennsylvania, Terra Silvae boasts the same food, recreation, and dialect as PA. The national dish is Traditional Pork and Sauerkraut .  While in Terra Silvae many visitors are sure to try the local favorite; Whoopie Pies. Terra Silvae is the largest micronation importer of Hershey's Milk Chocolate. Tranditional Silvaen music is much like Country Music. Culture in Antarctic and Bir Tawil territories have not been developed.