0Terranesia is a micronation located in the Gulf of Mexico. It was founded on March 29, 2017 and has a population of 4. The nation experiences significant geographical changes in short amounts of time due to tides, erosion, and sea level changes. However, oyster reefs created around the island by the Royal Ministry of Environment give the island some protection.

Terranesia was founded by Prince Lawson Anderson I. He wished to establish a principality independent from the United States that would be economically supported by crabbing, tourism, and fishing. As of March 20 the prince has never visited the island or established control over it.

The small island micronation has a very rich culture, mainly influenced by Scottish culture. This is mainly due to the majority of the population being of Scottish origin. However, the cuisine has little influence from Scottish cuisine due to the seafood and climate being far different than that of the North Sea.

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