Terranova Socialist Republic

"Together for freedom, justice and equality"
"The Internationale"
Capital city Ezia
Largest city Ezia
Official language(s) English, Lyedensh
Official religion(s) State atheism
Short name TSR
Demonym Terranovyan
Government Democraftic Communist Republic
- President Emanuel Terranova
- Prime Minister N/A
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
- Last election - 25 January 2013
Established 2012
Area claimed 4 km2
Population 6-10
Currency None
Time zone UTC + 1
National sport Football
National drink Megrev (frozen lemon juice, then broken)

The Terranova Socialist Republic(Lyedensh: Reʒpublica Sošalistemm Terranova (Pronounced: Rezhpublica Soshalistem Terranova)), often abbreviated as TSR, is a small micronation,  a Marxist-communist democratic republic.


Terranova means "new earth" in Latin. It is also the last name of the first President. Terranova decided to run the nation in a socialist/communist way. Since TSR is a republic, "republic" was chosen as the last name.


In a long period of time President Terranova wanted to make a nation. It took him almost 2 years before the nation got a president and constitution. The land claimed is of 3km2, but the President wants to expand it.



Previous flags

TSR Flag new6

Government & Politics

TSR is a communist state. It's parliament consist of 10 seats. TSR leading party is the Marxist Party.

Election 2013

The first parliamentary election happened the 25th January 2013. The Marxist Party won with a bit over 33% of the votes. The nation founder became president.

President Terranova said that TSR will have a new parliamentary election, but the date is not set.


TSR has no military. TSR prohibits all military and tries to deal with all international and national problems by dialogue. Weapons, including batons, are not allowed inside TSR.


TSR has no working economy. The President don't want to introduce the money to TSR.

"If we make all the products, food, clothes etc. i TSR we can "isolate" us from the world economy. This will mean that it is impossible for us to have economic problems"

President Terranova.

Terranova said that TSR will not enter the international economy and that TSR companies won't make factories or buy companies and shares outside TSR.


Lyedensh is the second official language. It consist of 35 letters.