"Kingdom of North Sudan" claimed Bir Tawil on 16 June, 2014. It's leader, Jeremiah Heaton was the first micronationalist who claimed the territory to actually visit it. He stated his aim is to make the region an agricultural hub, and to appease the whims of his daughter who wanted to be a Princess. [1]

The "Bir Tawil Empire" claimed Bir Tawil on 5 September, 2015. The government of this empire does have plans to visit Bir Tawil and establish a base within the next 10 years.

The "International Workers' Micronation" claimed Bir Tawil on 31 December, 2017, after a successful revolution led by experimental philosopher and Communist Party USA member Andrew Rizzardo, in which 100% of the population of Bir Tawil rose up to overthrow its Monarchy. All means of production in Bir Tawil were then immediately nationalized, every form of social class was immediately abolished, the country renamed, and ownership rights distributed equally to the international proletariat. Under the new regime, Princess Emily will retain her title, but with exactly the same title now accorded to all of the daughters of anyone at all. The official state ideology of the IWM is that "everyone's daughter should be treated like a princess", not just the daughter of some white guy who for some reason thought it was totally ok for him to brag about colonizing Africa. [2] Seriously, if you have a problem with this you're saying "no, all little girls DON'T deserve to be princesses".


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