The Republic of Scotannaea has it's many territories of it's country divided into colonies/territories. Some of these colonies are divided into constituencies for representation in the National Assembly of Scotannaea. The constituencies are represented by a Local Representative and can control public access for the area. Not all of these territories are named as colonies formally and culturally. But by law and in the constitution, These places are known as the Colonies of Scotannaea. Not just because of their political status, But also by their location. These places are exactly the same concept as a US State but by law, these are called colonies; but since the Territories Act of 2014 some places are treated differently.

Name Code Flag Map Became a Colony Territorial status
Claresland CL Claresland Flag Claresland 18 August 2013 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Davisland DL Davisland Flag Davisland 18 August 2013 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Hongxin-Peatmoor Island HP Hongxin Peatmoor Island Flag HongxinPeatmoorIsland 18 August 2013 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Holywell Bay HB Holywell Bay Flag HolywellBay 18 August 2013 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Slate Bay (Spit Beach from 18/08/2013 to 04/08/2014) SB Spit Beach Flag SpitBeach 18 August 2013 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Pickards Field Federation (Western Sector) PW Pickards Field Flag PickardsField 30 December 2013 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Pickards Field Federation (Eastern Sector) PE Pickards Field Flag PickardsField 30 December 2013 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Churchward CW Churchward Flag Churchward 18 January 2014 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Alanbrooke AB Alanbrooke Flag Alanbrooke 18 January 2014 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
South Leaze SL South Leaze Flag SouthLeaze 25 February 2014 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
New Jera NJ New Jera Flag NewJera 23 April 2014 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Mouldonia MA Mouldonia Flag Mouldonia 1 May 2014 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Aldcourt, SAR Scotannaea (officially part of Claresland) AC Aldcourt Prisoner Aldcourt 10 May 2014 Incorporated-Constitutional
New Black Forest NF New Black Forest Flag New Black Forest 6 June 2014 Incorporated-Unconstitutional
Slate Bay Maritime Islands (officially part of Slate Bay) SB Spit Beach Flag SpitBeach 4 August 2014 Unincorporated-Unconstitutional

Territories Act of 2014

On the 14th July 2014, the Territories Act was made as a method of definining territorial claims in Scotannaea for political reference. This meant that territories can either be Incorporated or Unincorporated and Constitutional or Unconstitutional. Incorporated means that it has representation in the higher house of the government (Colonial Council) whilst Unincorporated means it does not and Constitutional means that all of the Scotan constitution applies as law here and Unconstitutional means that not all of the Scotan constitution can be law and these places can make up their own laws if only they're also Incorporated at the same time.

This means that all colonies with lone rights for freedom to make local laws and representation on the colonial council means that all Colonies are Incorporated-Unconstitutional territories. Aldcourt, SAR Scotannaea has 1 seat on the Colonial council but can't make it's own laws so this means that Aldcourt is an Incorporated-Constitutional territory.

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea