Territory of Clark

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Territory of Clark

"The People Prevail!"
"Roll on Columbia, Roll on."
Capital city Westport Heights
Largest city Westport Heights
Official language(s) English
Demonym Cascadian
Government Libertarianism
- President Mac Stripling
Legislature Presidential Cabinet
Established October 14, 2012‎
Population 29
Currency US Dollar
National sport None
National animal Mallard Duck
Internet Domain .ex (proposed)

Territory of Clark is a Self Proclaimed nation founded by Cascadian Revolutionaries. It claims a small area of land near Astoria, Oregon and is loyal to the Cascadian Independence movement.


The nameClarkcomes from Explorer William Clark who was an Explorer that lead one of the first expeditions to Oregon.


The Republic was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2014 by a group of Cascadian revolutionaries, in cooperation with the Cascadian independence movement. 

Government & Politics

The Government doesn't have much to do with the citizens and only oversees maintenence to the Nation and Protects the people.


The Military is mainly the Local militia which is trained in the forests of Clark and uses Hunting Rifles.


The Nation has no real economy and most of the citizens work in the US. There are no imports or exports in the nation, and no real industry.

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