Territory of Pierce
Flag of Territory of Pierce
Languages spoken Cockatielian English, American English, Spanish
Date founded February 7, 2013
Population N/A to be calculated, 5 Registered citizens
Demonym Piercer
Governor Anthony Smith (FCP)

The Territory of Pierce is a territory claimed by the Cockatiel Empire. It's capital is Fort Pierce with a population of 5 registered citizens and 41,988 unregistered citizens. The territory was formed on February 7, 2013 by request of the president of the Cockatiel Empire. This territory can become a state of the Cockatiel Empire if the registered citizens vote. If the vote is at least 2/3 for statehood, the territory will be a state of the Cockatiel Empire.


The Territory of Pierce along with the other areas of the Cockatiel Empire uses the Fahrenheit temperature system. The Climate in the Territory of Pierce features a warm humid subtropical climate. Summers are usually hot with high temperatures in the low 90s and it is considered the "rainy season" where most rainfall from the Atlantic sea breeze occurs. These storms can produce heavy rain and frequent lightning though they are usually not severe. Winters usually average to around 70 degrees. Hurricanes can effect the area as well as tornadic squall lines in the winter time. Sometimes temperatures in the winter time can fall below freezing (32 degrees) though since the Territory of Pierce is along the coast, it won't happen as often as the Cockatiel Empire mainland and especially the Northern Territory.

Cockatiel Empire Territory Map (New)

A map showing Pierce.