Territory of Pummelo
Meritan Flag

"For The People!"
"The Battle Cry of Freedom!"
Capital city Pummelo
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Pummeloni
Government Democracy
- Governor Mac Stripling
Legislature Provisional Government
Established November 19, 2014
Area claimed 40 Acres
Population 4
Currency US dollar
Time zone PST
National sport None
National animal Mallard Duck
Internet Domain .ex (proposed)

The Territory of Pummelo is apart of The Independent State of Merit.


The Territory was annexed on November 19, 2014 After The National Assembly Set up a Provisional Government in Pummelo Led directly by the Premier.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Provisional Government is lead by Gavin Thorud. To pass laws The Governor proposes it to The National Assembly where they vote upon it, If they pass the law it moves up to The Premier who can veto it.

Law & OrderEdit

The Meritan Armed Forces Serve as PeaceKeepers and a Police force

regne rebellionEdit

Recently a small Rebellion has happened led by former governor Gavin Thorud. The Rebels call themselves The Nation of Regne. To avoid armed conflict The premier has organized a chess match to determine Independence or not.

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