Territory of Saint Elisabeth
Flag of Saint Elisabeth

"Aurea et augusta"
Regerin Canyon symphony
Capital city Craigstadt
Largest city Craigstadt
Official language(s) Regerinian, Spanish
Official religion(s) Roman catholic
Demonym Saintelisabethian
Government Territory under Constitutional Monarchy
- Prince Michael I
- Governor Ferdinand Schweindistel
Established December 3rd, 2013
Area claimed no data
Population no data
Currency Regerinian Negrillo (₦)
Time zone UTC+1
National drink Must
Internet Domain .rg

The Territory of New Danland is an overseas territory of the Principality of Regerin located in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Etymology and symbols

This island was named in honor of the Queen Elisabeth I of Spain. Its main symbol is the flag of the Territory of Saint Elisabeth, which consists in four castles (that represent the four hills of the island) with the Regerinan Cross overlapped and the Regerinian coat of arms in the center.

Geography and Climate

The Territory of Saint Elisabeth consists of an island east of Gibraltar Rock and adjacent islets. It limits to the west and south with the Saint Elisabeth Strait (which separates the island and Gibraltar Rock) and to the east and north with the Alboran Sea (part of the Mediterranean Sea).

It has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers.


It was established on December 3rd, 2013, when the naval base of Craigstadt was established there. The government needed to create a strategical trading base to help this important sector in Regerin. To justify its occupation, the government claimed that the island was not given to to Great Britain in the Treaty of Utretcht of 1713, it is not located on British waters, and the Spanish government is not able to exercise control of it.


The Territory of Saint Elishabeth is controlled by a governor named by the Prince. The current governor is Ferdinand Schweindistel. The territory has the right to send an observer representative to the Regerinian National Parliament. The Saintelisabethian Territorial Guard and the Regerinian Armed Forces are in charge of the security inside and outside the territory.


Its main economy is trade. It is an important stop for Regerinian ships traveling to or from the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea.

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