Texan Republic of Gordon (GOR)

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This micronation is based off of Clan Gordon in the Scottish Highlands. I am a 12 year old kid so just keep that in mind if you have any questions.

Land: Prosper, Texas ,USA. (In the neighborhood of Preston Lakes)

Animal: Gordon Setter

Main Religion: Christian

Plant:Rock Ivy

Secondary Language: Scottish Gaelic

Anthem: Cock o' The North (The Gordon March)

Type of Government: Democracy

Commander in Chief: Mason Gordon

Currency: Lagis (sometimes the US Dollar) (Lagis is made-up)

Slogan: Bydand (Stay and Fight) and Animo non Astutia (By courage not by craft)

Founded: August 15, 2016

Economy: Capitalist

Coat with arms (I used www.makeyourcoatofarms
Flag of Clan Gordon of Texas

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