The Commonwealth of St. Forterria is a federal, constitutional monarchy that is created by King Oleg (William the First). State languages ​​are Russian and English, the territory of the state is located in Uzbekistan, and its colonies in Russia and in Western Europe.

The Policy of St. Forterria

Federal and constitutional monarchy consisting of 2 subjects of the Commonwealth. Each Commonwealth entity is headed by the Governor-General appointed by the Commonwealth King, in subjects there is a community Constitution and legislation that does not contradict federal legislation.

The Commonwealth Parliament consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives is the lower chamber, while the Senate is the highest chamber. According to the Constitution of the Commonwealth - two chambers have equal access to legislative initiative, the law proposed by Parliament should be adopted in Parliament and approved by the monarch.

The monarchy of the Commonwealth is headed by Kim Oleg (William the First). The monarch must sign the laws or reject them, hear the reports of the governor generals and give their answers, like in the UK - the monarch is a member of the Senate, he forms the Privy Council, gives titles and nobility, and appoints the supreme judges

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