The Democratic Republic of Calurkai

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The DRCK or the Democratic Republic of Calurkai is a Democratic princedom located in Central Colorado. It was formed on 11th of may 2016 by Callum Jenkins and Kai Burrows. The government consists of a prince, a prime minister several other ministers and the governors. The current leader is Prince Callum the 1st. He declared himself Prince of Calurkai on may 11th 2016 which is now known as Independence day. The capital is Maroonica located in the Maroonica Provence which is directly governed by Prince Callum the 1st. The tenth district is the center of the food scene in Calurkai. It is governed by Kai Burrows. (In order of rank) Prince: Callum the 1st Prime minister: Kai Burrows Leader of the Murder(secret police): Kai Burrows Executioner: Kai Burrows Secretary of state: undivided Head of Scientific Studies: Caroline Farris (proposed) Head of Nucular Sciences: Caroline Farris (proposed) Commander in Chief: Callum the 1st Cheif justice: Callum the 1st The state religion is the religion of the flying spaghetti monster. A prince is chosen every 4 months. Ministers every two. It has nine official citizens and 6,000 unofficial citizens. Laws are passed by majority in console and the Prince has final say in passing of laws. Princes hold authoritarian rule over certain citizens with government and military employees having exclusive rights. Freedom of speech is allowed As well as freedom of religion and the press as well as freedom of urination.

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