The flag of The Empire of Antarctica

The Empire was founded on August 11, 2016. The foundation was self-proclaimed by the current ruler, Emperor Hunter.


The Empire of Antarctica claims all of the continent of Antarctica. All other claims to Antarctica are officially considered illegitimate by the highest levels of the Empire no matter when the claim was made. The surrounding islands outside of 20 miles are not considered apart of the Empire unless stated otherwise.


The Imperial Credit is the official currency of the empire. The US dollar is also accepted and is preferred.


The emblem of the imperial family


Asgard is the imperial capital. The city plans to construct the Imperial Library of Harambe, The Lighthouse


Map of The Empire of Antarctica

of Thor, The Hall of Gods, and The Frost Palace.

Notable Figures

  • Emperor Hunter- Grand Ruler
  • Edgy Lord Chris- Meme Master and Lord of Labor
  • Premiere Cal- Premiere of the military
  • Lord Ryan- Lord of intergalactic affairs
  • Archduke Patrick- Archduke of justice
  • Duchess LeAndra- Keeper of the Treasury


The country is run by the Emperor himself. The Emperor has a council of advisers know as The Elder Council. The council meets in The Hall of Gods and consist of all the all the department heads.


The Emperor is also the supreme commander of the military. The Premiere is the military's second in command and acts as a joint commander, reporting directly to the Emperor. The military consists of a navy


Imperial Air Force emblem

(space and ocean), air force, and army.

National Holidays

  • Harambe Day- May 28
    • Honors the death of Harambe
  • Foundation Day- August 11
    • Celebrates the creation of The Empire of Antarctica

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