The Free Republic of LucasLand, more typically referred to as just LucasLand, is a self-proclaimed micronation that lies within the Northern part of the US state of Ohio.


LucasLand was founded when incumbent Prime Minister Ben Lucas came to the conclusion that a government independent of the US could serve better than one dependent on the US. He declared independence from the US 1 December 2016. He promptly elected himself the Prime Minister and he immediately formed the laws of his new nation. Prime Minister Lucas has asserted previously that his inspiration for the name came from Liberland, a micronation that he has expressed a desire to annex and claim for LucasLand.


The Prime Minister of LucasLand behaves and has the authority over LucasLand of a dictator.  The Prime Minister of LucasLand has stated, "I have the title and respect of a Prime Minister, hell I even have a cabinet. But, l the power of a dictator. It is the best form of government for me." Prime Minister Lucas's cabinet consists of people whom he found on Twitter, although he has admitted that his cabinet is not complete yet. His cabinet as of 5 December 2016 consists of:

  • @TakeThatDarwin as Secretary of Education
  • @TakeThatChem as Secretary of Energy
  • @VerminSupreme as Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  • @SirCuttsman for Housing and Urban Development
  • @TakeThatSalk as Secretary of Health

The Prime Minister has stated that he believes that the greatest folly in all previous administrations before his is the fact that world leaders don't pick out their cabinets on Twitter. The Prime Minister has also expressed how he feels that LucasLand's combination of  and European systems of government is in the public interest. Although  he has not described why he believes this to be. 


The Prime Minister has stated that "LucasLand's Constitution is based on the platform or US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, except more authoritarianism." The Prime Minister himself is a liberal who supported Bernie Sanders, but he believes differently when he is one of the powerful. The Prime Minister believes that mass surveillance over the nation's ≈200 square foot surface area is an achievable goal. The Prime Minister also believes that his nation should find an equilibrium between Totalitarianism and Populism. The Prime Minister is a pacifist but he believes war is necessary to certain situations, as he has personally fought battles on the side of LucasLand. The Prime Minister's policy is also greatly influenced by his cabinet, and thus the nation's policy can fluctuate quickly. Due to the nation's lack of Constitution, the Prime Minister has full control over the law and has been shown to bend it to his current needs. The nation has not had an established military in its week-long period of existing as of 5 December 2016 Despite this, it has not stopped the Prime Minister in engaging in battles with neighboring . Of these  the most notorious  a dispute over 1 square meter of land, that was ultimately awarded to Luctenstein. The nation supports strict gun control, marijuana legalization and decriminalization,free tuition, single payer healthcare, and government regulation of the prices of life-saving drugs.



The Flag of LucasLand appears as a green rectangle with dark blue and dark red corners. It has a light blue oval with a white oval surrounding it in its center. Inside the blue oval is the swastika-esque symbol of the Golden Dawn Party of Greece. Below the white oval is the nation's motto with a blue curtain wrapped around it. In the dark red corner, which is in the upper right of the flag, is a red star-like shape. This is said to represent the bowels of the Earth that constantly fuel radioactive decay. In the bottom left corner lies the dark blue corner. It contains the star pattern of the Pleiades, which is said to represent the Heavens above LucasLand. The ovals in the center appear like an eyeball and are said to represent the mass surveillance or the nation. The design for the flag is an original design that was created on the first day of LucasLand's existence.

The Cat Urine Crisis

Despite its comical name, the Cat Urine Crise (CUC) has had an unforeseen impact on the government of LucasLand. The crisis began when the Prime Minister allowed a cat to immigrate into LucasLand and used it as a labourer. Approximately 24 hours later the cat urinated on the only carpet in LucasLand, causing the smell to pollute all of LucasLand. The affliction quickly spread throughout the entire nation, forcing the Prime Minister to declare it, "An insidious disease". The Cat Urine showed no sign of relenting, but the Prime Minister was determined to sit it out and he lived inside LucasLand for an entire two days after the initial crisis. The epicenter of the crisis appeared to send its tendrils into every aspect of the government, making the government appear, "Sickly". The affliction destroyed all drinking water in LucasLand, and the putrid stench scared off all would-be tourists. The crisis crippled all trade and made the Prime Minister fall ill. At first, the neighboring nation of Luctenstein appeared unsympathetic and offered no foreign aid, but on 5 December 2016 when the crisis spread into Luctenstein, the Prime Minister of Luctenstein promptly attempted to eliminate the epicenter of the crisis. The Prime Minister deported the cat out of fear of a future disaster, but on 4 December 2016, he pardoned the cat in the spirit of forgiveness. The Crisis was the first major disaster for LucasLand, as all residents were forced to evacuate the nation and live in quarantine for a brief period of time, this includes the Prime Minister. On 6 December 2016 the Prime Minister announced that the crisis had run its course.

Foreign Relations

Thus far, the nation of LucasLand has no current enemies. Despite several conflicts with Luctenstein, mostly involving border disputes and LucasLand attempting to annex Luctenstein, Luctenstein and LucasLand have recently become allies with the recent relief efforts put forward by Luctenstein to help with the Cat Urine Crisis.

LucasLandic Civil War and Dissolution

LucasLand (2)

The LucasLandic Civil War came about when an immigrant from neighbouring Luctenstein became upset when LucasLand converted to a Communist Dictatorship. This immigrant was the far less successful brother of PM Ben Lucas; revolutionary fascist Max Lucas. Max Lucas stole advanced weaponry from a LucasLandic colony and immediately attacked PM Ben Lucas in a rebellion. PM Ben Lucas was on spring break in his colony and was trying to enjoy himself. Eventually, Max disarmed the LucasLandic government and then forced Ben into a peace agreement. The terms of the peace involved the newly created Fascist States of LucasLand to take control of the colony and one of the beds in LucasLand. It also involved dissolving LucasLand into a puppet of the Fascist States. LucasLand in its current form is the Free LucasLandian Empire. It now has a new flag, seen below.

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