The Free Republic of Science

Liberty, Knowledge, Life and Happiness
La Marseillaise and Lupang Hinirang
Capital city Base Charlie
Largest city Base Quadrant
Official language(s) English, Filipino
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism

Science, or officially The Free Republic of Science is a landlocked federation of territories with limited recogniton, or in a commoner's term a micronation, bordered by the NCR, Philippines.

It's capital city, Base Charlie is a base, which is also an auditorium, which is the main territory and is a meeting place for government officials. The biggest city is Base Quadrant, a quadrangle which is a main civilian hang-out.

It's government is a republican lottocratic democracy. It is currently headed by Head Chancellors M.A.L.B and B.B.C.. The Head Chancellors are presidents-for-life elected by the populace. The Chancellors are chosen by sortition, therefore lottocratic. The current Chancellors are J.T.B.G., J.L.C., J.H.C.P. and P.A.R.DV.D.. There is an article where the Head Chancellors may evict a chosen Chancellor and replace it. It's main languages are English and Filipino, but Filipino is only for documentation and other reasons only.

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