The Fuackers
Motto (1)"Somos piña" (Spanish) or "Nous sommes ananas" (French) (literally "We are pineapple", but in Spanish it means like "we are united". (2)"Si se meten con uno, se meten con todos" ("If they attack to one, they attack to everyone")
Predecessor French faction, western rebels faction, basque faction
Formation August 2016
Type Factions clan, soccer team
Legal status Alive
Purpose/focus Protection, play soccer
Location Fornelos, Spain
Membership Only for people with residence on Fornelos
Official languages Spanish, french, english
Leader JP
Key people JP, Dani, Sr. V
Parent organization United Federation of Fornelos government, French faction
Staff probably 12-15

The Fuackers or The Fuackers Football Club is a clan that groups all the factions of fornelos with the objective of uniting them definitively.

The main reason for the creation of this was to protect its members against external factions or other hazards.


Brony variant from the standard logo


The name comes from two words. On the one hand comes the word "Fua", which originates in the internet meme of the same name, where you can see a drunk man talking about inner strength.

On the other hand comes from the word "fucker".


The clan was formed in August 2016 with the aim of creating a football team, but later, the members of the organization were dedicated to mutual protection against the danger of drunks at the festival and protect against external attackers.

Faction composition

Currently, all known Fornelos factions are part of this clan, making a fairly diverse variety of people:

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