The Fumetsu Empire

The Fumetsu Empire is a Micro Nation founded in 2011 by Gregory Mark otherwise known as Emperor Gregory Of The Fumetsu Empire.

The nation has a population of 5 and a land area of 1 acre in north america. It also claims a area of land in Argentina as a territory.

The nation is a dictatorship and is ruled by Emperor Gregori. He makes all decisions for the country and cannot be overruled. However life is good for the people of The Fumetsu Empire based on State Census Numbers.

The nation is accepting Alliances and has a wealth of resources and stable trade relations with surrounding provinces.

Economy and Trade:

The Fumetsu Empire deals heavily in trade with other nations. As the nation does not have much in the way of manufacturing capability it imports most of it's resources. The nation however does have exports in the way of cultural crafts and technologies developed by the nation. The nation specializes in developing software for clients and handling computer support for other nations as a large portion of the populous is tech savvy. The nation has trade goods and is very eager to open trade with other nations.

Please contact Gregorym29@gmail(.com) to request an audience with the council of trade.

How The Fumetsu Empire was founded:

The empire was founded in june of 2011 in north america. It was founded by the Emperor Gregory Mark and his brother Tyler Mark who is the General of the nations army. It was founded as a experiment but quickly was joined by others and started to grow and take shape. The nation enjoyed a busy and exciting era in which agriculture boomed and the economy flourished. However unfortunate events which are obscured by classification caused a dark age until recently.

The settlement of new lands in 2015:

The Fumetsu Empire after many years at in the old lands sought to expand it's reign and therefore moved to and established a base in USA, Texas. It is a small outpost but is currently where the emperor lives and rules his kingdom from afar. His General and brother Tyler Mark rules over the old state with most of our forces. and communicates often with the emperor to give him status reports. The Empire currently is raising funds to buy a large area of unsettled land that has been selected for a city. Once the land is bought immigrants will be welcomed and the population increased and so to will the empires economy and military strength.

Claimed lands:

The Empire claims 1 acre of land in USA Florida as well as 0.01 acres in USA Texas, We also claim and have the deed for over 100 acres in the deserts of Argentina.

Military and past conflicts:

The military of the Fumetsu empire engages mostly in guerrilla and cyber warfare due to the small size of the nation. The population was reduced in the great rebellion in which the empire triumphed over all but yet the nation met great casualty with many deserting. This lead to the dark age in which the empire has just recently recovered from. The nation may now be smaller than before but continues to grow and is just as strong as it ever was. The nation has not had war with any nations other than civil wars within itself. However the nation is now enjoying an era of peace and prosperity.

Military abilities and supply:

The Fumetsu Empire has over one year of food stock piled (Canned goods, MRE and Rice etc.) as well as gas masks in working order and hazmat suits for all population. They own 1 22. Long Rifle Semi Automatic with over 500 rounds. Radiation tablets for a month and Geiger counters for detecting radiation. The Empire has plenty of tools and raw resources to manufacture in the event war breaks out and supplies are cut off. The Fumetsu Empire has a large stock pile of seeds for use in farming should they be needed. And has means to generate electricity and lighting on there own and has CB radio as well as it's own fm/am transmitter in the event communication is broken. Despite it's small population the Fumetsu empire is surely able to hold out in the event of invasion and It's defensive capabilities are it's strong suit. Should the empire have to attack it will be left more vulnerable so it is in it's best interest to lure enemy forces into traps and long stalemates rather than our right one on one combat.

The above list is a general tally and is not representative of all supplies the empire has. If you are an ally and would like a list of our resources for planing or other purpose that is advantageous to us please let us know.

Space program:

We have a budding space program, We are working on a cube-sat which we plan to launch into earth's orbit.

We also plan to set up a base on the moon someday if funding becomes available and several rocket tests have been made which were successful.

Dark age:

The Fumetsu Empire suffered a dark age of inactivity in the world community for a number of years and just recently as of 2016 began connecting with the outside world again.


Fumetsu note
The Empire accepts USD and Fumetsu Notes as well as Bitcoin for use in trade and purchase of goods.

The Fumetsu Empire has its own currency called Fumetsu Notes.

They are paper bills with various amounts, The empire is considering minting coins for the 100 note as of 2016 and it will be announced if this becomes a reality.

The currency amounts are:

10000 notes

1000 notes

500 notes

100 notes

The Fumetsu Empire has 2 Million notes in circulation

with each person averaging 10000 notes a month in pay.

The Government provides Free Utilities and housing with each citizen paying an average of 

2000-3000 notes a month of supplies and goods. The government also takes a tax of 1000 notes a month with a added annual tax of 2000 which is waved if you make less than 10000 notes a month.

A loaf of bread can be bought for around 100 notes as a base line for the spending power of the currency.

The currency is on the Fiat system and is based on amount of currency printed and buying power of 100 notes.

NOTE: This system is still being worked on but at the moment the above numbers are agreeable for all people of the empire according to recent reports.

Research and development of technologies:

The Fumetsu Empire is very interested in alliances with nations that can further it's scientific pursuits.

The Empire has access to several high end computers and decent lab equipment. They are most interested in solar and other energy sources to make the nation more independent of it's neighbors and to strengthen it's industries.

Alliances and enemies of the empire:

Current allies and nations we recognize:

King Harry I of Belaĵio

Aggelos of Imvrassia

We are proud to call the above nations our close and trusted allies.

We have no current enemies at this time.

We are actively seeking alliances and trade agreements.

If you seek audience with a representative of The Fumetsu Empire Please send a message to The Emperor via this site and we will contact you or email at

The Fumetsu Empire is accepting requests for allies at this time.

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